Earldom ES-196 Charger

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CH0132|01WT Earldom ES-196 Charger
-Earldom ES-196 Charger
- Designing 2 USB ports with a capacity of 5V / 2.4A, saving up to 35% of charging time
- The outer shell material of the charger is made of high-grade explosion-proof plastic that has been tested and certified by RoHS
- The included charging cable supports 2.4A standard charging and is covered with durable plastic TPE




CH0132|01BK شاحن Earldom السريع موديل ES-196
تصميم منفذي USB بسعة 5V / 2.4A ، مما يوفر ما يصل إلى 35٪ من وقت الشحن، عالي الجودة ومغطى بطبقة من البلاستيك المتين TPE

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